Internalized Atmosphere Saatchi Lates

︎T he Kingston School of Art  2021 Graduates Participatiom in London Grads Show was remotely curated by Shahrzad Jahan while she was in Tehran.

The II closed 2021 with a triptych of performances by three young female artists for our participation in the “Saatchi Lates” program at Saatchi Gallery: Gabriella Pitanga, Maria Celina Val and Amy Gillies.  This program was an additional gesture to the already running London Grads Show. All the performances took place in Gallery 8 of the Saatchi building where the graduates of 2021 Kingston School of Art each presented a piece from their degree project. Our approach was to look at these two bodies as a whole experience- the three performances and the exhibited pieces- wanting them intertwined and in a briefly temporal communication of some sort, but also think about not thinning the Individual work.

For this reason, our contribution to the show had an overall title called “Internalized Atmosphere” which was pointing energy towards the group show, but still each performance kept its own title which directed energy out of it- title within title -.  All three pieces shared a ritualistic nature that was manifested each time through a different dynamic, colors, movement, or words and were inspired by the ideas conversing in the space.


Gabriella Pitanga 

Maria Celina Val

Amy Gullies