The Urge to Satisfy Literature
Amy Gullies

︎3rd December 2021

This piece was part of an ongoing series of experimental poems and performances by the artist. The work originated as a concrete poem consisting of twelve pages of redacted text. In its second iteration the work took the form of a live, improvised performance. In its altered state, the work is punctuated with references to the work on display and the environment in which it is performed.

Amy’s politically charged reading of the pages explored the discourse surrounding who has the authority to dictate what can be featured on the school curriculum and what is lost when a work is institutionalised. In this performance, Amy drew out a new fiction, one that acts a chant that calls out to connect with those who witnessed it.

The performance of the work expanded upon the degree show’s emphasis on resisting the structures that hold power and the significance of utilising fiction as a tool to understanding our present reality

︎ Watch it here