Truth and Manifestation Gabriella Pitanga

︎12th November 2021

Gabriella performed in Beautiful Transition, Truth and Manifestation opening the Triptych of works for Saatchi Lates. Her piece was part of a series of works performed by her as a way of resistance to the current political situation in Brazil, her homeland. She used watercolor, inks, acrylic, and large-scale paper combined with large body movements and refers to the Brazilian Tropicália movement in a compilation of lyrics voiced overs whilst performing.
Tropicália being the cultural, political, and musical movement that took hold in Brazil in the late 1960s during the dictatorship as a form of resistance. For Gabriela, the current political situation in Brazil has become very much pedagogical to the Brazilian left-wing parties on what we have achieved as a progressive society and then lost it to a radical right-wing oligarchy.
The performance was live streamed through our Instagram page.

︎ Watch it here