Tasneem Lohani

︎︎︎In-between Isolations

Tasneem’s practice primarily comprises Drawings, often made with ink and Sound recordings. She also works with various other media such as Video and GIFS and Painting. Her central themes involve thinking about the capitalist structure of modern online communication systems and their influence on Mental Health and the quality of Human Relationships. She has been obsessed with the politics of 'Communication' in the Digital era. The recent shift from text - based towards audio - based communication technology has been her focus in her new series of sound recordings, 'You are Nausea to Me'. Since voice assistants and audio media such as podcasts became popular, she has been interested in the politics of the Human Voice and the subsequent intimacy it provides in a relationship. With increased access to unlimited audio content and use of wireless Headphones, ideas around the disembodied voice, the agency of a voice without a body, became important points of enquiry. She is interested in how 'Noise - cancelling Headphones' allow us to detach ’sonically’ from our lived environment and how it affects our perception of being 'connected'. Importantly, she explores the Social Anxiety that results from this fractured association with our lived reality. The politics of the Voice and Anxiety in the era of Digital Communication are at the core of her work.

︎ @tasneemlohanii_art