In-between Isolations

During the first lockdown our Platform responded to the pandemic with a two-month (April-May 2020) online project of live performances entitled “In-between Isolations” in collaboration with 15 different artists of various disciplines from around the world.
Our wish was to bring Isolations together and give an inside glimpse of diverse perceptions of the world at that point.

Videos of the works can be found on our IGTV on instagram.

Andria Kyriakidou
Imanuela Strawski

Amy Gillies
Tasneem Lohani
Mila Fan
Maria Celina Val
Katerina Minty

Chloe Hurst
Eleni Petridou
Ziba Rajabi
Fatemeh Kazemi
Clara Lang-Ezekiel
Beatriz Silva
Marina Cruz
Shahrzad Jahan