Fatemeh Kazemi

︎︎︎In-between Isolations
︎︎︎Imaginative Gardens

Fatemeh Kazemi (b. 1992, Tehran) is a Tehran-Based artist, pursuing her practice in  multidisciplinary arenas to merge her different interests in her different projects. She graduated from University of  Tehran. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Painting at the University of Tehran. Kazemi’s approach to art is focused on the process of creation, to bring a narrative and dialogue via representing the period that the very work of art has got built.
Her artistic practice explores narratives throughout her focus on materials and their manifestation by employing the amalgamation of different media such as painting, and installation. The initial stage of her practice, as visual research, revolves around an idea that comes from different sources like a theoretical text or even a word. Ultimately, they all intertwine with the piece that both have transient qualities and are more like a wall-object rather than a mere painting.