Swan Studio Screenings

During the academic year of 2019-20, The II Platform organised a series of film screenings including works curated/by established artists related to Kingston School of Art and Stanley Picker Gallery.

The screenings happened at the Swan Studio of  the MFA Fine Arts course and were open to the public. As our first attempt to make a stronger community, this was an opportunity to bring the private studio of artists to a more public space and widen our community.
Unfortunately due to Covid19- the last two screenings hosting work by Maeve Brennan and Elizabeth Price  were canceled.

October 2019︎︎︎ Jenna Collins
November 2019︎︎︎ Anahita Razmi
January 2020︎︎︎ Dan Kidner 
February 2020︎︎︎ Roman Vasseur

Posters designed for film screenings in Swan Studio by Shahrzad Jahan