︎︎︎Shiva Yourdkhani

The Rough Black Hole Inside
The Bumpy Gray Surface Outside
The Whitespace In Between
The Empty Hard Ground Around.

This environmental installation consisted of four pieces made by papier-mâché, fabric and faux leather strips which integrated to form a whole as an object.
This project was the continuation of previous  a installation  but this time a part of the meaning is formed through being simultaneous with other environmental projects by several artists in several parts of the world.
Following  concerns like shape, texture, material and also her interest in spanning spaces the artist was trying to comprehend and embody the socio-economic impacts on the formal qualities of her process.
The impacts which make her conscious of the economic restrictions and also the unconscious manners in making art, in particular, the fluid process with no specific preliminary sketch that has led me to create a process in which thinking and doing happens simultaneously, the materials are chosen according to availability and most importantly, the need she has to build an agency which she feels is possible through making a connection with the environment.

︎Shiva Yourdkhani (b. 1984) lives and works in Tehran, Iran. She holds an MFA in painting from Tehran University of Art and works with video, sculpture and installation too. After a few years of focusing on the medium of painting, she turned to new forms of perception. The core of her current interdisciplinary practice is the concept of the “environment” which revolves around socio-economic and political dimensions and their effects on the medium and material.