︎︎︎Shahrzad Jahan

Shahrzad has presented two drawings from her ongoing series «Blood, Light and Fireworks» in which she focuses on how materials such as gunpowder found in both fireworks and weapons are materials subjected to different contexts and systems of power. Her installation «Anniversary of King Charle’s I Escape in 1625» referenced the historical background of Richmond Park and the role it played for the aristocracy during the plague outbreak in 1625 as a private hunting area. Thinking of the space of the Park as one more object that has been subjected in such systems Shahrzad is questioning how the same Park is been considered as an escape for the public 400 years later due to the Pandemic.

︎ Shahrzad Jahan (b.1995) is a visual artist based in Tehran, She got her BA in Graphic Design and continued with a Masters in Fine Arts at Kingston School of Art in London. Her practice includes re-photography, prints and drawings