︎︎︎Natdanai Bunsiri

Natdanai The work itself represented the deep cultural belief of how the Thais contemplates the cycle of life and death, or the "Sangsara”. The inspiration comes from the traditional Thai culture where wrapping the fabric around the trees demonstrate the appreciation and belief we have for the holy spirits or the soul of their ancestors that reside within. This supposition is a reflection of the cycles of life and death: that matters never really perished but only transform. The visual expression of the work tries to encapsulate and portrayed this intangible concept.

︎ Natdanai Bunsiri is a visual artist from Thailand with an MFA from Kingston school of Art. His multidisciplinary practice consists of drawings, paintings, sculptures, ready-mades, print and digital works. His practice focuses on the understanding of precedent Oriental beliefs of perpetual cycle of life and death, under the scope of pattern and repetition of forms.