︎︎︎Minah Kim

Minah in this online performance hammered Styrofoam in her bedroom. The action of hammering is the process of creating traces of repetitive labour creating the negative zone an undecidable shape. By doing so, the outcome of the work loses clarity of the meaning and only the trace of action stays on the surface of the piece. However, it is not blank nor void, it is full of desire of the artist applying force and changing the given situation.
It is an alternate process of building the space. After the performance, the Styrofoam became a mould for another material (clay) to produce an image of positive space of applied force. As the project was exhibited as an art installation at the park, it became an artist’s intimate approach to temporarily unpack the most private space; by unfolding her uncertainty about meanings of body, place and action.

    And she frequently forgot,
    That her body (all our bodies) is a house of sand.
    That it had shattered and is shattering still.
    Slipping stubbornly through fingers.
    Sand, by Han Kang

working with the infinite uncertainty of psychological space.

︎Minah Kim is a conceptual artist from South Korea. She is currently residing in Fayetteville, Arkansas in the United States.  She utilizes multimedia yet primarily clay and sound, since they embody instinct response and delay between psychological space and actions.