Is There a Poundland Around Here?

This publication was exhibited at One Pave Road Gallery on the 20th of February . The publication brings together research and artworks of two collectives coming together Domain_Material and The II Platform. 

This publication is dealing with the timeless questions of how do we translate/transfer and access information? The everlasting processes of exchanging information is a crucial point of conversion from intrinsic to extrinsic, from personal to public, from local to national or even global. Through these processes, surviving information can rise to the surface, whereas others are lost or forgotten. This publication is introducing four young female artists who are trying to give voice to private situations which are connected to broader networks of society's superstructures.
Deriving from a history of storytelling through language, collaboration, politics, artist's documentary and film, they explore the methods from which we can re-tell stories. The artists are using their personal untold stories as the source to investigate themselves as subjects within subjects and understand how 'the personal' can never live in isolation.