I Adore You, In every way, in the most fragile, vulnerable, sentimental, furious, enchanting, exposing, unforgiving ways I can imagine, I am everything that you have made me. All that I am and non that you wanted me to be.︎

I wore the heels with blood running down my thights/and flowers blooming from my knee/Your tears running down my neck/as I screamed your name in fear/.بهم گفتی کفش آهنین بپوش︎
Freak like meYou want a good girl that does bad things (to you)You never been with no one as nasty (as meSpice up your life, come get a freakFreak like meTied him down to my queen bedTease him just enough to hate me (hate meTied it tight enough, he can't break free (break free)Keep him waiting 'til he try (try)This can go one of two wayWe could flip the coin, I'll be your slave (ooh-ooh-ooh)Call you "daddy", give me a nickname (ahI ain't afraid of a little pain (no, I ain't 'fraid of a little pain)Yo, yo, yo, yo (ah)He wanted some' else and he wanna be selfisHe wanted them three rounds, DC had to come help himLook, I know your positionTry to squeeze in the full nelson though
March 1969/ Seth Sieglaube ︎︎︎ ︎︎︎Alternative to “Seth Sieglaube March 1969” / Shahrzad Jahan 2019