Pão Pedagogy
Shyamli Singbal

A peculiar way of breadmaking was introduced to Goans by the Portuguese during their rule over Goa. Ever since, it has become a family tradition handed down over generations with all members involved in the operation. According to Cozinha de Goa, History and Tradition of Goan Food authored by Fatima da Silva Gracias, ‘the members of the Chardo caste of Majorda in Salcete, an area rife with plucky palm groves, helped produce the key ingredient, sur or toddy, that made the Goan bread “rise and shine like no other.”’ It is no secret that every Goan village is heavily dependent on its bakeries and poders. Imagine a version of the rooster’s call you would gladly wake up to every morning. *ponk* *ponk* *ponk* *ponk* The poder heroically rides in on his cycle. He announces his arrival by honking, a honking that is music to my ears. Atop the cycle carrier sits, firmly attached, a large woven basket filled with, you guessed it, pao!, warm aromatic freshly baked pão. aaaaaah! A non-verbal understanding between the poders and the locals is what has facilitated the evolution of a rather flawless way of delivering and acquiring bread in Goa.
If theatricality were subjective, would it normalise behaving ‘dramatically’ to a large extent? I am convinced that pao is important enough to be part of an academic curriculum. The fact that the song Right Here Right Now from the 2005 Bollywood hit Bluffmaster! plays in my head everytime I think about pao, shouldn’t surprise you. I’d like to take a minute to trespass into the territory of food porn, simply to confess to having the same lusty gaze Abhishek Bachchan has towards Priyanka Chopra (in the music video), towards the humble pao. The use of Piya Tu Ab Toh Aaja, a sensational 1970’s Bollywood cabaret item number from the movie Caravan, is meant to zero in on the sentiment of longing in a dramatic fashion; showcase anticipation at its peak and champion the pão! On a side note, it is only when the fungibility of the poder is recognized that the pão is allowed to fully bask in its glory.
On a side note, it is only when the fungibility of the poder is recognized that the pão is allowed to fully bask in its

I truly believe that one doesn't need to give a Goan reason to celebrate the humble pão.
It gives me tremendous pleasure to inform you that after a two year separation we have
been reunited!
Having decided that this would make for the perfect moment to honor the indispensable pao
by giving it an extravagant degree of (due) attention, I present to you these works.

*clink* *clink*

1.Match the following (from pão pedagogy), 2021

2.Types of Pão (from pão pedagogy but I might have let my feelings get in the way), 2021
Song: Right Here Right Now, Bluffmaster!, 2005

3.काॅकण kakan etymology (from pão pedagogy), 2021

Song: Piya Tu Ab Toh Aaja, Caravan, 1971