Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood
Shahrzad Jahan

The piece is a recreation of "Barbari Bread, 1332" by Pakzad, a photo from a collection of images taken of streets and people of Iran by the artist. This one specifically is the only still-life picture documenting a bread, as an important figure, on a black background with Rembrandt lighting. The year 1332 (1953-54) is the year of the Iranian coup in which Mosadegh, the prime minister of the time, is overthrown.

The photo is later gifted to the National Documents Organisation in the year 1378 (1999-2000) when Kuye Daneshgah Disaster (Iranian students protest in Tehran), occurred in July.

It is now recreated in the last days of 1399 (2020-2021) in color with a digital camera and a fresh Barbari made in Tehran. In the last days of the century, as a document to be remembered for the beginning of a new age, as new is always rather the same.