“How to make your own artificial meadow” was a collaborative video of zehra Zehra Nazlı and Fatemeh Kazemi who are based in Ankara and Teheran. Both artists are graduates of University of Teheran, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting . The video was part of an on-going project called “Meadows and mountains” which was started form 2 years ago.
Differences in the cultural backgrounds and personalities of the artists had a direct impact on the production, challenging the course of the project. However, the artists tried to use these differences to activate their joint creative potential. This being a major part of the project, caused the artistic identity of both artists to erode and wear off, and resulting in a new identification

︎ Fatemeh Kazemi (b. 1992) is a Tehran-Based artist, working in multidisciplinary arenas like installation and video to express her different interests in different projects. She got her Bachelor degree in Painting at the University of Tehran. Kazemi’s approach focuses on the process of creation, to bring narrative and dialogue via representing the period that the very work of art has built.

︎ Zehra Nazlı (b.1992, Ankara, Turkey) is a visual artist based in Istanbul. She graduated from University of Tehran, Painting Department. She works in a non-governmental organization in the field of migration. Zehra’s cultural reading references on daily life practices direct her artistic practice