︎︎︎Eleni Petridou

The project ‘Connecting hearts and minds’, reflected on the issues of our personal and professional boundaries and the impact of mental health during COVID-19, considering psychosocial well- being. The installation took place in a multifunctional seaside park in Limassol, Cyprus where a real symbiosis of people, time and activities are happening. The main goal of the act was to highlight the connection and the exposure to arts and nature, during periods of crisis and their contribution to human wellbeing.

︎ Eleni Petridou(b.1995) is Visual artist and Art Psychotherapist from Cyprus. Her practice is influenced by biomedical sciences aspects and psychology. She creates interactive audiovisual installations using mixed media such as ropes, latex, glass and video. In her latest work, her works process the emotional preparedness for solitude at times of crisis and psycho-social well-being, forming the cornerstone of public health.