Day 163

Day 163 was the first solo exhibition of our Platform (21 February 2020) which included all the events and artworks made through these 163 days of the Platform’s existence since September 2019. 
The show consisted of six posters from the artist’s film screenings, a centrepiece which is an installation in the space, a collaborative piece with Domain Material collective and a single-channel video installation.

W. A. R is the only artwork made specifically for the “Day 163” exhibition. This autobiographical piece was made by the founders of the Platform (Andria Kyriakidou and SahrzadJahan) and is referring back to their ethnicities, Greek and Persian. This piece pairs the ancient Persian Persepolitan column and the Greek Ionic pillar in a sculptural installation. Remembering the historical past of these two empires, always being in confrontation, the artists signal this moment in their lives as a new common battlefield. Ready to absorb and learn from the contemporary realities of each other.