︎︎︎Cathrine Ball

Catharine’s sculptures represented the human form. she works quickly making them trying to capture the initial visceral response like the search lines of a quick sketch before the conscious mind takes over and imposes its intellect. Her work pushes against the contrived perfect finish and like Rodin, she finds beauty in the unfinished and broken. Letting the clay have its say in surface texture, edges left free with the suggestion of a body beneath.
Her figures were placed as part of an installation. Using other materials, wood, canvas and metal, she created a stage settings or tableau to tell a story or capture a moment or pause in time.

︎ Cathrine Ball has a  background is in ceramics and an MFA degree in Fine Arts. For over 30 years she ran her own business producing high-fired individual pieces with richly coloured glazes and supplied galleries from Aberdeen to Winchester; she had her own studio and also held classes. Catherine gradually changed to sculpture through an interest in life drawing which she took the human body as a model for her sculptures; firstly using stoneware clay and now exploring porcelain.