︎︎︎Beatriz & Mahtab

CONFLUX was a series of live music and dance improvisation performances by Mahtab Sabetara and Beatriz Silva. With the experience of Covid-19, we are rethinking how we can situate our practice in public and private spaces. During August and September the artists performed across Berlin's parks, gardens and open socio political spaces.
CONFLUX created a Performative space of dance and music Improvisation. The two Berlin based artists, Beatriz Silva, dancer and choreographer and Mahtab Sabetara, musician, combined the live performance of dance and music trying to find a common space for free and scripted Improvisations.

︎Beatriz Silva Arandais a Chilean Contemporary Dancer based in Berlin; she is a dance teacher, performer and choreographer. Her works are mostly related to identity, social and political questions. Through her carrier, she was actively related to an interdisciplinary field, collaborating with mostly musicians. She is very much into improvisation and instant creation performances.

︎Mahtab's work deals with revisiting memories and how the past shapes everything we are now, trying to find out the role of nostalgia, and if it can be used as a healing process in dealing with personal and collective traumas. She has practised playing the piano for 18 years and has studied classical piano in Art university of Tehran. She was at that point  based in Heidelberg, Germany, finishing her Master in Music therapy as well as producing  electronic music for two years now.