Sandwich Collective

SANDWICH is an art collective funded in 2016 by Anna Ill, Jaehyung Park, Steph Huang, Messua Poulin-Wolff and Nicola Guastamacchia.

Temporary and collaborative projects – research and practice-based – constitute a core element of our work. We find in playfulness the very critical tool to question established frames for artistic exhibition and presentation.

SANDWICH rejects to think of the exhibition-format as the ultimate result of artistic experimentation. In our projects, exhibitions are themselves mediums and pretexts for the organisation of spontaneously unrolling situations and events, providing space for transitory and ephemeral interventions, videos, sculptures and installations. Everything produced is site specific, documented, dismantled, transformed and recycled within later initiatives.

Involving other artists and groups, SANDWICH provides space both literally, hosting other artists, and conceptually, promoting shared moments of critical reflection. We are the result of a continuous mediation and confrontation of discrete individual aesthetic and cultural backgrounds, finding in the drunk intimacy of parties and urban derives crucial expedients to promote art as a divergent, exciting, immersive and ritual process refusing straightforwardly para-political and antagonist positions.

We affirm the intrinsic value of art as a de-alienating human endeavour and commit to multi-layered and interdisciplinary projects able to grasp – and bypass – the wider cultural and institutional conditions surrounding contemporary artistic production.

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