︎︎︎Andria Kyriakidou  

The Magnificent One are a series of double-sided paintings on canvas tat share the same name and was at that point  Andria’s most recent works. Andria exhibited one of the three painitngs hanged by a tree. In these pieces Andria was inspired by Ursula K. Le Guin’s  essay The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction 1986 where she shifts the way we look at humanity’s foundations from a narrative of domination to one of gathering, holding, and sharing. Le Guin explains that a carrier bag contains no heroes but instead there are many different protagonists with equal importance to the plot. These paintings are exploring stories about a weird shared reality; The carrier bag gatherers and not lone heroes, but rather rooted in a shared existence entangled with the female Utopian and Dystopian world-building imagination. They portray environments filled with room for complexity and contradiction, difference and simultaneity where one thing is entangled with another, and with another.  And describe a time that doesn’t progress in an easily digestible straight line, with a beginning, middle and end. Instead, there are many timelines, each darting around, bringing actions of the past and future into the present.

︎ Andria Kyriakidou is a London based visual and performance artist from Cyprus born in 1993. She works between performance, video, sculpture, photography and painting and her works are exploring the relationship between Feminism and Technology under Capitalism. She studied Fine arts in the Superior School of Fine Arts in Athens and took her Masters in Fine Arts from Kingston University in London.